A Meaningful Celebration

We know at Black & Clark Funeral Home that Dallas families are known for their warm, hospitable spirit. Chances are, you will have family and friends traveling in from all over the country – maybe even the world – to pay their respects to your loved one. We can help you provide a reception for your guests, giving you a simpler way to host a large crowd, rather than trying to book a large restaurant or holding something in your home.

Gathering together over a meal will not only communicate your care for your guests – it also gives you one more way to tell your loved one’s story. Serve Grandma’s famous sweet potato pie – passing out recipe cards as guests leave. Was Dad a Texas barbecue connoisseur? Delight your guests with a brisket feast.

Our North Dallas facility offers a reception room that can seat up to 100 and is supported by a full kitchen and storage area. We can help you coordinate with a number of local caterers and vendors to make every moment perfect.