History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service and have the highest integrity.

Our History 

S.C. Black

Samuel C. Black founded Black and Clark Funeral Home under the name of S.C. Black Undertaking in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas in 1914 and C. J. Clark didn't begin to work for his uncle until 13 years later in 1927.

When World War I was declared in 1917, Clark started on a series of jobs that  little by little, heightened his professionalism in the trade he had chosen. He was conscious of the need to support his mother and younger brother and sisters so he side-stepped the temptation to go West and North to high paying jobs in the steel plants and railroad companies and stayed in Texas to perfect his trade, a more secure move. With only a limited education, C.J. Clark accepted a job with the Crawford Undertaking Company and attended the Crawford Gunter Embalming School. While continuing his embalming training at night, in 1920 he worked for Sears & Roebuck Company.

C. J. Clark

In 1924, C.J. Clark was hired at Dallas Coffin Company. That same year, Clark's uncle opened his funeral home in North Dallas. Eleven years later, Clark quit the Dallas Coffin Company and joined his uncle full time.

In 1935, C.J. Clark became partners with Samuel Black and the first Black & Clark Funeral Home was built. Now one of the oldest familiar landmark buildings in North Dallas still stands at 1802 N. Washington.

1802 Washington

Samuel Black died in 1939 and in 1945, C.J. Clark purchased his uncle's share of the partnership from Mrs. Black and became sole owner.

Under the leadership of C.J. Clark, a dynasty was born. C.J. Clark's philosophy of doing business was simple; provide the community with courtesy, kindness, integrity and above all honesty. With this philosophy in mind, Black & Clark became one of the leading funeral homes in the Dallas area. In 1968, C.J. Clark opened an impressive modern facility in Oak Cliff located at 2517 E. Illinois. Black & Clark now had two locations to service the community (in both the northern and southern sectors of town).

While attending Mary Allen College, Otis Clark, son of C.J. Clark, was drafted during World War II and received an honorable discharge. Upon returning home, he attended Prairie View University and majored in Business.

In 1948, he joined the family business. He attended the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science and received his Funeral Director's License in 1960.

Otis Clark

After working in every capacity of the business, Otis Clark was made Manager in 1982. Keeping with tradition, Gary Clark, Otis Clark's son, joined the family business in 1978 and became a licensed Funeral Director in 1988.

C.J. Clark died in 1983 leaving Otis Clark in charge of running the business. Otis Clark ran the family business with a staff of 14, the oldest employee having over 46 years of service. Otis Clark died April 3, 1999.

On February 28, 2006, the ownership of Black and Clark Funeral Home was transferred to Linda Mitchell, Dr. Gwen T. Clark, and three of its long-time employees, Emanuel Pruitt, Gary Clark and Johnny Wilson.

Our Valued Staff

Linda A. Mitchell

Linda A. Mitchell

March of 2006, Linda Mitchell became the CEO and owner of Black and Clark Funeral Home, after having been with the company since 1986. She has been the owner of L.A. Mitchell Memorial Planning Service for the last 26 years. Linda enjoys reading, Bible study, traveling, and her dog “Jo Jo”. She loves to encourage children to do their best in school and gets great enjoyment from their achievements.

Dr. Gwen T. Clark

Dr. Gwen T. Clark

Dr. Gwen T. Clark, wife of the late Otis Clark, is a retired principal in the Dallas Public School System. She has been in membership with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for over 50 years. She is an active member of St. Luke Community United Methodist Church. She volunteered with the AARP Organization and held the positions of Minority Affairs Spokesperson and Intergenerational Specialist for 10 1/2 years. Dr. Clark is the primary caregiver of her mother, who is over 100 years old. She enjoys traveling and volunteering with service organizations.

Emanuel  Pruitt

Emanuel Pruitt

Emanuel Pruitt is the Managing Funeral Director in charge and has been with the company since 1961. He is a member of the Local, State, and National Funeral Director’s Associations and holds offices in all three associations.

Gary  Clark

Gary Clark

Gary Clark is the son of the late Otis Clark; grandson of C. J. Clark, founder; and father of Gary Clark, Jr. A licensed Funeral Director, Gary enjoys playing video games with his son and is an avid Bible study student. Gary has been with Black and Clark since 1978.

Johnny  Wilson

Johnny Wilson

Mr. Wilson is a Funeral Consultant and has been with Black and Clark since 1958. He enjoys working with children and is instrumental to the Pleasant Grove Broncos. He enjoys fishing and is President of the Advisory Council Board for the City of Dallas.

Ermina Sunday (JoJo)

Ermina Sunday (JoJo)

Ermina Sunday is a Provisional Funeral Director/Embalmer and a Family Service Pre-need Counselor. She joined our funeral home in June 2008. She is a native of Dallas, Texas.

Patricia  Preciphs

Patricia Preciphs

Office Manager, Chapel Musician, Beautician, Musician of Greater Deliverance Church in Fort Worth, TX. Pat loves to sing, and play both piano and organ, read, and cook.

Theresa  Shelton

Theresa Shelton

Theresa has been the loyal and faithful Administrative Assistant to Linda Mitchell since 2005. Theresa is the mother of three, the grandmother of 2 and enjoys relaxing, dancing, and listening to music. Theresa loves Gerald Lavert.

Timothy  Hubbard

Timothy Hubbard

Timothy Hubbard has been a Funeral Attendant for 15 years since he started with Black and Clark at the age of 13 through the mentoring Program at Munger Avenue Baptist Church. He was an employee of the Dallas County Sheriff Department. He enjoys playing golf and basketball.